+++ AGNA has closed the nominations and the juries have made their decision on the personalities coming for the year 2015 NYA-Prices. +++ AGNA has closed the nominations for the 2015 NYA Awards +++

The NYA- Awards

The Nana Yaa Asantewaa (NYA) Awards, The African Achievement Awards 2015 is an inter-cultural platform where personalities of African and or German descent are celebrated, recognized and awarded for their tremendous contribution to the socio-economic and cultural development of Germany, Africa and the world at large.

The event shines light on the historical legacy of many African women leaders in the past. It is also a unique platform for all Africans including academics, university students, professionals, social workers and families to meet to interact, network and share ideas on how they can improve the African German relationship.

Most Africans and Germans contribute in various sectors in the German African relations. Their efforts reflect, not only in the integration and enhancement of diversity in Germany, but also in fields such as business, media, sports, health care, education and the arts. Unfortunately, most of their contributions go unnoticed. Their efforts are hardly recognized by the mass media or society and unknown, especially to disadvantaged youths who are in need of such role models. Not only are the youth struggling to reach their goals in terms of education, career and family planning, but they are also searching for an identity in our pluralistic society. Furthermore, available resources that would improve their cultural, social and community life are unknown to them.

It is for this reason that African German Network Association (AGNA e.V.) instituted the NYA Awards to recognize, celebrate and award the contribution of Africans and Germans to the socio-economic and cultural development of Germany. The award ceremony is also intended to inspire other women and families of African and German origin and the younger generation to aim for higher goals in life.

Goals & Objectives of the NYA-Awards:

The overarching goal of the Nana Yaa Asantewaa (NYA) Awards, The African Achievement Awards 2015 is to recognize, celebrate and award the achievements and contribution of women of African origin to the socio-economic development of Germany. These women come from diverse fields ranging from media, business, civic engagement, research and development and health care. Other objectives include:

  • Highlight the historic achievements and commitment of African women leaders.
  • To inspire other African women and the younger African generation to aim for higher goals in life.
  • To strengthen the African community in Germany to become more active in the socio-economic development of Germany and Africa.
  • To make it possible for women working on gender equality and strengthening women’s rights to converge.
  • To create a platform for networking and idea sharing among African women, women migrant organisations, companies, among others.
  • To create a multiplying effect within and outside the African community.

Jury & Assessment


Prizes & Awards