+++ AGNA has closed the nominations and the juries have made their decision on the personalities coming for the year 2015 NYA-Prices. +++ AGNA has closed the nominations for the 2015 NYA Awards +++

Terms of Participation

Dear participants,

we thank you in advance for your interest of becoming one of the nominees of the Nana Yaa Asantewaa (NYA) Awards, The African Women Awards 2013.

  1. Are you a women, social worker, human rights activist, student, academic, business woman or a media personality (e.g. athlete, singer, film artist and presenter of TV or radio)?
  2. Do you assist the needy parents and single mothers to fulfil their parental duties? 
  3. Do you engage in counselling, conflict resolving or mediation?
  4. Do you engage in or support women rights organization to improve the life of many women in the German African relations?
  5. Do you empower women to become self-confident and endeavour to attain higher laurels in the chosen education and professions with your achievement in:

Ø Civic Engagement or

(e. g. humanitarian aid, education, tradition and history, health care and international relations)

Ø Economy or Business (e. g. entrepreneurs, employees and owners) or

Ø Media (i.e. arts, athlete, vocal, film, radio, television, presenter) or

Ø Research and Development (in all academic disciplines)

If you answered YES to any of the above mentioned questions, then you have already qualified to become one of the possible winner of this year’s NYA Awards.

With best wishes!

Yours sincerely,


Jury & Assessment


Prizes & Awards